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Tiago Gualberto

Tiago Gualberto (1983) is a visual artist and a researcher, who has stood out for a number of projects including those at São Paulo’s Afro-Brazil Museum and his partnership with the Design Studio for Social Intervention (DS4SI) in Boston. He is currently part of the body of art critics at the São Paulo Cultural Center (CCSP) and an invited instructor at The Alternative Art School (TAAS). He has received the following prizes: artist in residence at the Tamarind Institute at New Mexico University for the program Afro: Black Identity in America and Brazil (2012); the same year, he was a finalist in the category of Visual Arts of the Programa Nascente, promoted by the Office of the Provost for Culture and Extension at the University of São Paulo. In 2015, he received the Funarte (National Foundation for the Arts) Scholarship for Black Artists and Producers from the Ministry of Culture for his Master’s project in the visual arts, Lembrança de Nhô Tim (Souvenir from Massa Tim, 2016-18). In 2017, Gualberto was one of ten Brazilian leaders selected to participate in a roundtable with President Barack Obama in São Paulo due to his artistic work and social involvement such as in Project Row Houses -Round 48, in collaboration with DS4SI in Houston.

Only Anthropophagy Unites Us?

For this issue, we have asked a group of mostly Brazilian artists and thinkers to consider the significance and meaning of Anthropofagia in a contemporary context, on the cusp of the movement’s one hundredth anniversary.

Só a Antropofagia Nos Une?

A Antropofagia recebeu uma das mais instigantes formulações teóricas no Brasil. Seu batismo se deu a partir do encontro do poeta Oswald de Andrade com a pintura, ainda anônima, de Tarsila do Amaral em 1928.


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