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Thierry de Duve

Historian and philosopher of art Thierry de Duve is Evelyn Kranes Kossak Professor at Hunter College, CUNY. His next book, titled Duchamp?s Telegram, From Beaux-Arts to Art-in-General, is forthcoming from Reaktion Books, London, at the beginning of 2023.

Why Fountain Matters as Never Before

What struck me was that this guy Duchamp got away with calling a urinal art without designing it, while I might someday have to design a urinal without calling it art. There was a logical chiasma there, at the center of which was the issue of the name. It stayed with me.

As Chance Would Have It

It’s almost an aside in the essay Richard Shiff gave me to read as an incentive to “respond” to his piece in the Brooklyn Rail that prompted me to pick up on his invitation. The context is a discussion of chance and whether its outcome in a work of art is significant or insignificant.


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