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Suzanne Herrera

Suzanne Herrera is an artist, educator, and scholar writing at the intersections of Latinx and Lagin American arts, intersectional feminisms, and critical theory. Herrara was a 2021 ACLS Learning Edge FEllow at the non-profit Breakthrough, New York, and she holds a Ph.d. in Rhetoric from the University of California, Berkeley. Her Corazón lives and works between New York and Lima, Peru.

In Conversation

Cecilia Vicuña with Suzanne Herrera

“Hilo de agua, hilo de vida, hilo de voz”: These threads—and others nearby—weave together Cecilia Vicuña’s five-decades long artistic, poetic, and politically engaged practices. At the artist’s current exhibition at the Guggenheim Museum slender threads and wire drape thirty feet from the ceiling. Loose assemblages of translucent fabrics and small objects float in near-suspension, moving slightly with the flows of air and people’s movements in the room. This installation, Quipu del exterminio / Extermination Quipu (2022) reflects on environmental and cultural violence, survivals, and vibrancies.


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