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Sima Belmar

is the ODC Writer-in-Residence, writes the monthly column In Practice for the Dancers' Group publication In Dance, and teaches writing at the University of California, Berkeley.

In Conversation

BOBBI JENE SMITH with Sima Belmar

Both Bobbi Jenes, dancer and film, are invested in that phenomenological, physical approach to meaning-making.

In Conversation

CARINA HO with Sima Belmar

Gibney Dance and Choreographic Center will screen we sleep no more, a “power chair ballet film” choreographed and directed by Carina Ho in collaboration with filmmaker William Tyner, dancers Jay Kern, Bonnie Lewkowicz, Judith Smith, Nils Jorgensen, and Cynthia Noonan, and cellist Isabelle Nichols.

UnSequenced: A Podcast About the Choreographic Process

Episode one of UnSequenced dropped on June 1, 2019, when the world as we knew it was the world as we no longer know it. The podcast releases a new episode every month and I look forward to hearing from movement artists about how their choreographic practices have changed since the advent of the global coronavirus pandemic.


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