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Shir Mohammad Karimi

Shir Mohammad Karimi, is a 23-year-old electrical engineering student at the Central Azad University of Tehran. He is fluent in five world languages and lives in Tehran, Iran. He is a staunch supporter of open-mindedness, equal rights for men and women, the environment, women?s education around the world, climate change activism, art, technology, and Pop music.

The Art of Eliminating a Nation

What a pain to hear a young woman cry, a thousand wishes gone. A child weeps for the father he has lost. These children did not choose where to be born. And yet, here we are. They are paying the biggest cost for this war of the world. To be witness to the explosion of a bomb in front of the girl’s school; one can never imagine. Their only crime was the desire to learn. This picture should be a source of shame for the world; it is a pure pain for us.


The Brooklyn Rail

JUNE 2023

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