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Sausan Jamil Hasan

Sausan Jamil Hasan is a Syrian novelist and physician. Born in Latakia, Syria, she studied medicine at the Syrian University. She has worked in clinics and hospitals of the State Ministry of Health and is also active as a journalist. She has published four novels: Harir al-Zalam (Silk of Darkness) 2009, Alf Layla fi Layla (A Thousand Nights in One Night) 2010, al-Nabbashun (The Waste Pickers) 2012, and Qamis al-Layl (Night Gown) 2014.

from The Waste Pickers

Jum‘a al-Dashshash knew all the dumpsters well—where they were located and what they typically contained. He had memorized all the streets and alleys and had learned what people on each were like from the refuse that accumulated in the bins and from the way residents threw trash at the dumpster.


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