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Sarah Cook

Sarah Cook is a long-time curator of media and digital art who has worked with The Banff Centre, Eyebeam, Somerset House and recently, as a Mellon-funded research fellow at Tate investigating the “lives” of art in the museum. She has always wanted to curate a show about chickens and eggs to restage Hans Haacke’s 1969 work ‘Chickens Hatching’. She is guest professor in Art and AI at University of Umea and theme lead for ‘Creative Economies and Cultural Transformations’ in the Advanced Research Centre at the University of Glasgow.


The origins of this weird word trace back to the seventeenth century, when “incubation” meant “to sit on eggs to hatch them” and was later used to name a technology that artificially stimulated hatching. Incubators became a medical innovation when Stéphane Tarnier, having been inspired by seeing one in a zoo, invented the incubator for premature babies.


The Brooklyn Rail

JUNE 2023

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