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Sandra Benites

Sandra Benites (1975) is of the Guarani Nhnadewa ethnic group, from the village of Porto Lindo in the state Mato Grosso do Sul. She is a professor of philosophy and history, has a master’s degree in social anthropology and is currently a PhD student in social anthropology at the National Museum at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ). Since 2019, she has served as assistant curator at the Art Museum of São Paulo (MASP). She is the first indigenous curator to be hired by an art museum in Brazil.

Ka’aguy Porã

My grandmother was a midwife and her teachings had a great impact on me. They are teachings of indigenous, Guarani women, especially how they take care of children, whether boy or girl.

Ka’aguy Porã

Nas palavras da Sandra Benites a partir da entrevista com Tiago Gualberto


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