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Sam Kahn

Sam Kahn is an author.

Georg Büchner and the Missing Language

Georg Büchner was a rising star in Germany’s 19th century literary scene. A prolific and thought-provoking writer, he was a counterculturalist whose life was cut short; he died at age 23. Two centuries later, writer Sam Kahn explores Büchner’s impact, and how he may be the missing link in the history of theater.

To Gina With Love

Sam Kahn pens a love letter to playwright Gina Gionfriddo, charting her career, inner world of her plays, and the influence she had over his life and writing.

Revive Odets!

If nineteenth century realism (Chekhov, Ibsen, etc) centers on the living room—as a cross-section of middle-class daily life—Odets’s drama roots itself in the kommunalka-like apartments of the thirties, a disparate array of people packed together by poverty. To a surprising extent, that configuration all by itself gives the plays much of their dramatic charge.


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