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Robert Lunday

Robert Lunday is the author of Gnome (Black Sun Lit, 2017) and Mad Flights (Ashland Poetry Press, 2002). A former Wallace Stegner fellow and recipient of the Inprint Donald Barthelme Prize in Nonfiction, his poetry and essays have appeared in Drunken Boat, Gulf Coast, The Boiler, PANK, River Teeth, Agni, and elsewhere. He lives in central Texas and teaches at Houston Community College.

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out now from Black Sun Lit When you look intently at the landscape, it imprints itself on your face. You see the world with your entire face, with the entire physiognomy. Physiognomy’s not only the sense of an entirety, the shape of a discrete thing in the mind, where inner and outer coalesce, but also the sense of the remainder that surrounds that discrete object.


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