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Rob Duguay

Rob Duguay is an arts and entertainment journalist based in Providence. He writes for DigBoston, the Providence Journal, the Newport Daily News, the Worcester Telegram & Gazette, New Noise Magazine, Flood Magazine, and numerous others. He has written about music, film, TV, comedy, theatre, visual art, food, drink, sports, and cannabis.

In Conversation

THURSTON MOORE with Rob Duguay

Thurston Moore still has a noisy, abstract approach to punk rock, but in his solo career he’s picking up bits and pieces of other styles and influences via collaborating with other musicians.

Hanging On with Don Giovanni Records

To stand apart from the herd, a label has to be a bit different while remaining a reflection of the community it’s supporting. That’s what New Brunswick, NJ-based Don Giovanni Records has been doing ever since Joe Steinhardt and Zach Gajewski founded the label while attending Boston University back in 2003.

Luke Stewart Calls Two Places Home

Avant-garde jazz bassist Luke Stewart leads a life that’s as complex as his music.

Beans and the Avant-Garde in Hip Hop

Coming from White Plains, Beans has been doing things his own way since the mid-’90s. His unique style is multi-dimensional and it’s not the typical boom bap hip hop, it’s an approach that’s his own artistic identity.


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