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Rob Cohen

ROB COHEN was Head of Production at Motown Records at the age of 24; he put the company into the film industry, producing Mahogany (1975) and The Wiz (1978). He has since had a long career as the director of many well-loved Hollywood blockbusters, including Dragon (The Bruce Lee Story, 1993), Dragonheart (1996, a pioneering use of cgi technology), and The Fast and the Furious (2001), launching the biggest franchise in the history of Universal Pictures. His new film, The Hurricane Heist is being released March 9th.

Collective Creativity: A Few Thoughts on Filmmaking

The dream, often formulated in the script development stage, has a purity of purpose, but that is the last time in the long, multi-year process of delivering a movie to the public that such shaping of a personal vision can be unilaterally created. After that, it’s the hoards.


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