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Rina AC Dweck

Rina AC Dweck is a sculpture artist born and raised in Manhattan Beach, Brooklyn. She earned her MFA from SVA, 2018 and BS fro NYU, 1998. She is currently in a group show at Petty Cash, E. Williamsburg, and in a four person show at Emily Davis Gallery, Myers School of Art, University of Akron.

In Conversation

Sheila Pepe with Rina AC Dweck

So, Rina, we share many differences—like religion—between us that draw us both to seeing the Mediterranean Sea as a whole, skirted by three rich, culture-bearing continents. So, I am thinking … As an artist and citizen, what three social/cultural histories make most of the foundation of your actions and the objects/outcomes of your “doing”?


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SEPT 2023

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