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Renato Araújo da Silva

Renato Araújo da Silva is a philosopher, researcher and curator of African art. He is a consultant in African Art for the Coleção Ivani e Jorge Yunes and belongs to the contemporary art critic group of the year 2020 at the Centro Cultural de São Paulo. He is the author of the books Themes on African Art (Ferreavox/2018); Africa, Mother of All of Us (Museu Oscar Niemeyer/2019); and Other Africa: work and Religiosity (Museu de Arte Sacra/2019), and writer of the paper Africanisms inside a Museum from Brazil (Taylor & Francis Group/ 2015), among others.

We are Borg!

One hundred years ago, nourished by the spirit of revolutionary freedom professed in France, artists of modernity evoked an “edible” and primitive future.

We are Borg!

Há cem anos, nutridos pelo espírito de liberdade revolucionária francesa, artistas da modernidade evocavam um “comestível” futuro primitivo.


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JUNE 2023

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