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Rebecca Schiffman

Rebecca Schiffman (she/her) is a Brooklyn-based writer, editor, and art historian. She is currently working towards her Master’ at Hunter College and is the assistant editor at Art & Object.

Dario Escobar: Encrypted Messages

Escobar is known for his extended reflections on what it means to be an artist from Guatemala. By repurposing popular and commercial objects, he gives us an opportunity to rethink Guatemalan history and culture in a global context.

peter campus: meditations

Unlike films, these works do not have any narrative, peak, or climax. Instead, they force viewers to take notice of the small, minute shifts of the quotidian life in these untouched natural zones and ecosystems.

Esteban Jefferson: May 25, 2020

At Esteban Jefferson’s first exhibition with 303 Gallery, he has created a space that can serve as a site of education and contemplation for how monuments function, through the extent of the 2020 protests.


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