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Rebecca Brantley

Rebecca Brantley is a writer, curator, and educator. She is the Director of the Mason-Scharfenstein Museum of Art and Assistant Professor of Art at Piedmont College in Demorest, Georgia.

Sally Mann: A Thousand Crossings, Remembered Light & Landscape

Atlanta’s High Museum is a meaningful conclusion—the only truly Southern one—for an exhibition that foregrounds the American South. Curators Sarah Greenough and Sarah Kennel grouped Mann’s work into five themes: Family, The Land, Last Measure, Abide with Me, and What Remains. Almost 50 previously unpublished photographs provide fresh insight.

Bojana Ginn: Phygital Muse

The future looks good in Bojana Ginn’s Phygital Muse. Nature and technology co-exist throughout Ginn’s interdisciplinary exhibition. She explores transhumanism, a school of thought dedicated to the notion that technology will radically enhance human life.


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