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Rachel Lastimosa

Rachel Lastimosa is an interdisciplinary artist, producer and performer, scoring for theater and film and has toured nationally and internationally as a performing musician. She has served as the Arts & Culture Administrator with SOMA Pilipinas and has worked as a community organizer since the early 2000s. Rachel is a co-collaborator on the production of the TNT Traysikel film.

Rachel Lastimosa and Paolo Asuncion and Michael Arcega

TNT Traysikel is a public artwork that engages the streets of San Francisco. Traysikels are ubiquitous transport vehicles in the Philippines but a rare sight in the United States; we are aware of 5 Philippine-made sidecar rigs in the US. For many, its existence in America contributes to a sense of belonging and comfort.


The Brooklyn Rail

SEPT 2023

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