Plinio Garrido

Plinio Garrido is a writer, poet, journalist, and editor born in Sincé, Departamento de Sucre, Colombia, in 1948. He is the former editor and director of the weekly newspaper, Hoy and La Tribuna Hispana, and has served as an editor for several New York City area broadcast and print media outlets such as Radio WADO and Hispano Magazine. He is the author of Confieso Que Estoy Vivo (Prose Poetry, Editorial Tayrona, 1992), Neoironia (Prose Poetry), Flaca (Poetry), La Cárcel De Nueva York (Novel), La Reina (Novel), Cuentos De Queens (Stories), La Guarapera (Play), and Recordando a Sincé (Memoir, Editorial Book Press, New York, 2015). His short fiction has appeared in various anthologies, including Cuentos Ganadores (Medellín, Colombia, 1990), Narradores Colombianos en USA (Instituto Colombiano De Cultura, COLCULTURA, Bogotá, Colombia, 1993), and Hecho(s) En Nueva York: Cuentos Latinoamericanos (Instituto De Escritores Latinoamericanos, The Latino Press, New York, 1994). He currently resides in New York and is the publisher of Nosotros New York, a community newspaper based in Queens.

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