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Peter Sean Woltemade

PETER SEAN WOLTEMADE is the translator of more than a dozen published books, including Stefanie Ross’s Nemesis. Forthcoming book translations include Martin Österdahl’s Ask No Mercy and Ten Swedes Must Dieas well as Ulla Lunn’s When Architecture Tells the Story of the Virgin Islands of the United States. His work has appeared in Border CrossingColumbiaExchanges, K1N, MaydayNewfoundPusteblumeStorm CellarThe Brooklyn RailThe Cossack ReviewThe Literary ReviewThe Missing Slate, and Wilderness House Literary Review.

from Americas

The philosopher gave me five cans of spaghetti with sliced franks in tomato sauce. Then he turned around and got into his dented Ford, which must once have been green. I shouted a question about why philosophers and prophets always lived in shacks, and he shouted back that living philosophy and a stable personal economy were two incompatible things that posed a philosophical question, that necessitated a choice.


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MAY 2023

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