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Paul Gladston

Paul Gladston is an award-winning author, Brooklyn Rail contributor, and the inaugural Judith Neilson Chair Professor of Contemporary Art at the University of New South Wales Sydney, Australia. He is the co-editor, with Beccy Kennedy-Schtyk and Ming Turner, of Visual Culture Wars at the Borders of Contemporary China: art, design, film, new media and the prospects of “post-West” contemporaneity.

Hong Kong’s Contemporary Cultural Scene—public protests and beyond

For the best part of the last decade, Hong Kong has been a major focus for the international news media because of continuing public protests there against the authority of Hong Kong’s Beijing-backed legislature and, more recently, the imposition by China’s central government of the so-called National Security Law (NSL) aimed at suppressing political dissent in the region.

Lindy Lee: Moon in a Dewdrop

Lindy Lee: Moon in a Dewdrop at the Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA) in Sydney, Australia, is an absorbing, carefully arranged, and highly informative survey charting Lee’s development from fin-de-siècle postmodernist to an exponent of contemporary trans-culturalism.

The National 2021: New Australian Art

The National 2021 is the latest in a biannual series of survey exhibitions initiated in 2017 showcasing new Australian art in major venues across Sydney. This year, The National is staged at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Australia, the Art Gallery of New South Wales, and Carriageworks, Sydney, with a separate curatorial team at each location.

The Asia Society Triennial

The exhibitions We Do Not Dream Alone, the inaugural Asia Society Triennial, and Dreaming Together at the New-York Historical Society bring together works by over 40 artists selected from the collections of both institutions in a thoughtful and very welcome showcasing of the work of Asian and Asian-diasporic artists still underrepresented in mainstream Euro-American contexts. At this moment, when the movement of people and even artworks is difficult, the mere existence of this two-museum show is a major accomplishment.

Border Crossings

Border Crossings and its accompanying, richly illustrated catalogue highlight important issues for the reception of art across the ideological boundary between North and South Korea.


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