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Nora N. Khan

Nora N. Khan is a writer. She writes criticism on emerging issues within digital visual culture, experimental art and music practices, and philosophy of emerging technology. She is a professor at RISD, Digital and Media, where she teaches graduate students four courses: critical theory and artistic research, critical writing, both for artists and designers, and history of digital media. She is a longtime editor at Rhizome, and is currently editor of Prototype, the book of Google’s Artist and Machine Intelligence Group forthcoming in 2019.

Seeing, Naming, Knowing

In Detroit, driving at night north up Woodward Avenue, a long, wide boulevard, one's eye is caught by emerald green lights, perched on the topmost corners of gas station signs, laundromats, corner stores, peep shows, groceries, and churches. They blink quickly, three times in a row. Their green makes for strange beacons, at first eerie, then comforting, not a warning, but an invitation.


The Brooklyn Rail

SEPT 2023

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