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Noah Marcel Sudarsky

Noah Marcel Sudarsky is an award-winning writer and journalist who occasionally surfs the turbulent eddies between reportage and fiction. He is an aspiring naturalist (thanks to the hours spent observing waterfowl in Central Park in his formative years) and has made rent money as a dog behaviorist (also in Central Park, mostly). Currently, he circumnavigates Northern California, where he is the part-time project coordinator at the Center for Environmental Structure in Berkeley—which is dedicated to the creation of thriving habitats and empowering communities who want to reclaim the built environment (from the kind of insatiable, sociopathic real estate developers who inhabit this story, mostly). He is a contributor to the New York Times, Salon, Earth Island Journal, the East Bay Express, Tikkun, Explorer’s Web, Publisher’s Weekly, the Onion, and many other publications.

Manhattan Carnage

My father always claimed to hold the key to one of the most publicized missing persons case of the twentieth century. He knew what had happened to Jade Mandrake Klein, the ill-fated wife of the heir apparent to New York City’s wealthiest real estate dynasty—an understated clan that makes the Trumps look like bit players in the realty and development game.


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