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Nicole Loeffler-Gladstone

Nicole Loeffler-Gladstone is a performer, choreographer, writer, and curator living in Brooklyn. She's a graduate of Hampshire College and is interested in dismantling capitalism.

Strange Love at RadioLoveFest:
Three Acts, Two Dancers, One Radio Host

It’s heartening to see that the BAM Harvey Theater is nearly full for Three Acts, Two Dancers, One Radio Host, a celebration of forms with a tenuous grip on our cultural attention span. Ira Glass, producer of This American Life, hosts, while Monica Bill Barnes and Anna Bass of Monica Bill Barnes and Company join him as dancers.

Dissolving into Chaos

Hofesh Shechter's Grand Finale opens with a burst of energy, yet the intensity remains curiously level for a dance that seems to be about end times.

Infinite Recombinations

The massive, blazingly white stage, erected at the Park Avenue Armory for Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker’s North American premiere of Six Brandenburg Concertos, creates an atmosphere of heightened expectation. It looks like a giant frozen pond, or the head of a drum, and it feels like something big is bound to happen.

Dragon Spring Phoenix Rise

Director Chen Shi-Zheng's Dragon Spring Phoenix Rise, a premiere for The Shed's inaugural season of programming, is billed as a “kung-fu musical,” meant to be innovative in its combination of cultural forms and sensibilities. Instead, it's a confusing mishmash.

Layers of Possibility: Site-specific dance and the River to River Festival

The Lower Manhattan Cultural Council (LMCC)'s River To River Festival stages art and performances throughout lower Manhattan, enlivening civic buildings and other public spaces with free events. The festival originated as part of the post-September 11th economic revitalization, demonstrating that the neighborhood was safe and resilient.

Hitting Her Stride

“The Current Sessions” (TCS) had been steadily functioning as a mixed-bill series, hosting a variety of emerging and established choreographers in four shows over the course of a weekend.

Mysterious Excavations

Baldwin leads her audience on a strange journey through the land, and Quarry feels deeply site-specific while remaining mysterious and a little unsettling.

The Future Starts Now: A Night With Emily Johnson/Catalyst

I can hear low conversation as people gather around a glowing light and write letters to the future. Later, in the deepest part of the night, someone plays the violin. The sound stays with me as I doze off and helps me remember where I am when I open my eyes.


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