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Nicholas Heskes

Nicholas Heskes (Columbia University MFA 2018) (b. 1991 San Francisco, CA) is an artist, writer, and Yiddish translator currently living in Philadelphia.

Nina Hartmann: FOGBANK

A square printout taped to the table that displays the exhibition literature reads, "BUT… Would information obtained by psychic means be accurate enough to suit the Intel community's needs? Would the Intel community accept information which had been obtained through psychic means?" A black and white illustration of a stoplight accompanies these questions, as if meant to signal a moment of pause.

Kyle Breitenbach: When the Leaves Come Down

The mystery of alchemy is more appealing than its promise of truth.

Susan Philipsz: Muffled Drums/The Unquiet Grave

Now online, this project inevitably represents a reduction of the original installation, but it is nonetheless a clever reframing that responds thoughtfully to its changed circumstances.

Frank Jones: 114591

Drawings like those made by Jones, though accepted into the canon, remain at odds with what is generally thought of as “art” as a result of their sincerity and independence. It seems to me that this type of work, which arises out of the necessity of existential conditions, has the potential to collapse the often-arbitrary division between art and life.

Marguerite Humeau: Birth Canal

Birth Canal, Marguerite Humeau’s first solo museum exhibition in the United States, is presented in conjunction with Birth Canal Drawings at CLEARING’s upper east side location

Sanya Kantarovsky: On Them

What makes a story compelling without being told? This question lingered with me after seeing Sanya Kantarovsky’s exhibition On Them. His paintings, drawings, and prints have long shared an eerie likeness to novel illustration, and give the impression of Russian novels—though only vaguely.

David Byrd

David Byrd died in 2013 at the age of 87 in Oxford, New York. Since then his paintings have gradually received attention, resulting in a number of exhibitions in recent years


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