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Millie Christie-Dervaux

Millie Christie-Dervaux is a writer, photographer, and editor based in New York.


The works featured in Intimacy all pose this same question—“What is this thing called ‘me’?”—and further explore what “this thing called ‘me’” means in communion with others, whether during the process of creating a portrait, making breakfast, or making love.


The most compelling question that the show offers, though, is on the symbiotic relationship between the subject’s body and the photograph’s body—explored, for the most part, through works in which the artist has altered the picture after it has been printed.

Rates (Frames per Second)

As with much abstract art, you have to look for a while before you start seeing things in Liz Deschenes’s work. The artist’s newest show, exhibited in both locations of Miguel Abreu Gallery, features a series of works comprised of photograms, a medium Deschenes has referred to in interviews as “camera-less photography&rdquo.


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MARCH 2023

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