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Meghaa Ballakrishnen

Meghaa Parvathy Ballakrishnen is a doctoral candidate at Johns Hopkins University and the current Andrew W. Mellon Fellow at the Center of Advanced Studies in the Visual Arts (CASVA). She studies abstraction and 20th-century Indian art.

Nasreen Mohamedi

It is a comprehensive introduction to her art, bringing together not only each decade, but also most mediums, of Mohamedi’s career: an early portrait in felt tip on paper; three sleek oil paintings; a lithograph; two collages; a few works on graph paper; and several photographs, watercolors, and drawings. Though Mohamedi abdicates the represented body, her art continues to represent its physicality, and her works swoop, swim, and levitate across the room.

Fault Lines

Fault Lines, which brings together 12 works by five artists, is the first exhibition in this country dedicated to the remarkable phenomenon of rigorous abstraction among women artists with roots in South Asia.


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