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Maximiliane Leuschner

Maximiliane Leuschner is an art historian and writer based in London.

Fehras Publishing Practices: Borrowed Faces: Future Recall

Borrowed Faces: Future Recall at The Mosaic Rooms in London is Fehras Publishing Practices’ institutional debut in the United Kingdom.

Pablo Bronstein: Hell in its Heyday

Architectural fantasias run deeply through Pablo Bronstein’s veins. At the age of 16, the Argentinian-British (or British-Latinx) artist redecorated his bedroom in drabby Neasden, a West London suburb, transforming it into an iridescent Baroque palazzo.

The Many Face(t)s of Michael Clark

Cosmic Dancer retrospective on Scottish choreographer and dancer Michael Clark explores his screen, set, and stage collaboration with fellow artists.

Eight Commandments of Choreography

The Kolumba in Cologne, Germany, explores what fine arts can learn from dance, and has, together with tanz.Köln, devised a comprehensive program of live performances, screenings, podcasts, video teasers, and more for a yearlong presentation.


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