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Max Ajl

is a researcher with the Tunisian Observatory for Food Sovereignty and the Environment, and writes on Global South agriculture and ecology. He is on twitter @maxajl and his book, A People's Green New Deal, is forthcoming in 2021 from Pluto Press.

Degrowth Considered

The point of degrowth is to change the organizing principles of society, to adopt a creed of “simplicity, conviviality, and sharing,” and design new institutions, paired with localized economies—production, distribution, and consumption—and more equal distribution of resources

Beyond the Green New Deal

The agrarianist Wendell Berry wrote once that modernity had bred a dangerous and close-to-fatal ignorance about ecology. In contrast to earlier ways of life, our social relations, which are our productive relations, do not force us to reckon with the consequences of what we consume in the course of making our lives, including making the people who come after we do.

Beyond the Green New Deal

Is it weird that it would be the pen of a plant breeder who specializes in perennial sorghum, Stan Cox of The Land Institute, that would give us the most concise, careful, and politically serious action program for responding to the climate crisis so far published?


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