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Marius Hrdy

is a festival organizer and freelance curator based in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

About Some Meaningful Events: African Cinema and 50 Years of FESPACO

In a festival where a major part of the lineup consists of the newest restorations of “Old Hollywood” filmmaking, recent editions of Il Cinema Ritrovato in Bologna have been marked by a refreshing turn towards lesser known cinemas and film industries that are no less interesting.

Notes on Berwick: “Why this passion for pictures, why this passion for darkness?”

Berwick-upon-Tweed is a visual heaven. Nestled down the railway from Edinburgh on the coast of Northumbria, this border town has changed allegiances between Scotland and England many times.

There are no rules!: Restored and Revisited Avante–garde Films from the Netherlands

This admittedly rather long title announces an upcoming survey of Dutch experimental filmmaking to be showcased at the Austrian Filmmuseum in June


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