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Margarita Lila Rosa

Margarita Lila Rosa is a historian and Lecturer in Comparative Literature at Stanford University.

Mike Henderson: Before the Fire, 1965–1985

Mike Henderson’s solo exhibition at the Manetti Shrem Museum is a powerful confrontation with the political realities of the present moment, compelling us to face how the police state has rebranded itself time and time again. Decades later, the messages within Mike Henderson’s early paintings seem as urgent as ever.

Frida Orupabo: Closed Up Like a Fist

Frida Orupabo’s solo show at Nicola Vassell Gallery, Closed Up Like a Fist, is a visual encounter with the hauntings of the Black Atlantic archive. Drawing from a rich tradition of literary and visual archives that have aimed to salvage Black femmes from fossilized narratives, Orupabo’s exhibition reads as a cartography of Black femme precarity, delicately pinned up by the resolve to survive.


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