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Madeline Murphy Turner

MADELINE MURPHY TURNER is a PhD candidate at the Institute of Fine Arts, New York University.

La India Contaminada

Cecilia Vicuña: La India Contaminada is a much-needed examination of the daring Chilean artist who—although working since the mid-1960s—has only recently gained recognition on the international art circuit.

Tarsila do Amaral: Inventing Modern Art in Brazil

Tarsila do Amaral: Inventing Modern Art in Brazil is the first North American solo exhibition of the eponymous artist who, as the show suggests, “gave rise to Brazil’s modern movement.

Dream of Solentiname

Dream of Solentiname examines the subjective thoughts and images that emerged around the spiritual, artistic, and political community from which the exhibition takes its name.

Visions of Brazil

Visions of Brazil is an ambitious exhibition that seeks to locate itself within a contemporary discourse on the construction of Brazilian Modernism. Curated by Sofia Gotti for Blum & Poe’s New York gallery, the exhibition begins with historian Walter Mignolo’s assertion that coloniality is the “darker side” of modernity.


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