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MG Lee

is a former breaking news reporter now writing about the arts from Brooklyn. To keep up with their coverage of music, dance, and poetry follow on Twitter @M_G_Lee.

Discwoman: The Return of Techno

Discwoman is a women’s union for representation in an industry where, before now, men dominated and where women have been marginalized—as they say, they are Technofeminists. In the broadest sense, their mission is, as their shirts say, to “AMPLIFY EACH OTHER.”

Up Space, Down Space: Moving Dancers of New York

While there’s been a flourish of big name choreographers and residencies cropping up in Upstate New York—Stephen Petronio and Jonah Bokaer, among others— emerging, local groups are also looking upstate for space and solitude to rehearse.


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JUNE 2023

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