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Luiz Renato Martins

Luiz Renato Martins (São Paulo, 1953) is an historian who works as a researcher and a PhD supervisor in the doctoral programs of Visual Arts and Economic History at the University of São Paulo. He is the author of The Long Roots of Formalism in Brazil (Historical Materialism Book Series at Haymarket Books, 2019) and The Conspiracy of Modern Art (also from the Historical Materialism Book Series at Haymarket Books, 2018) and has lectured at universities in Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Spain, France, UK and USA.

Antonio Dias and the Kidnapping of Pop Art

Dias devised an aggressive appropriation: he operated a “kidnapping.” Therefore, the struggle was transferred to another terrain. The nationalist combative strategy was replaced with an international one.

Antonio Dias e o sequestro da pop art

O programa da descolonização e do combate ao imperialismo bem como o debate das classes tinham se radicalizado e acelerado em resposta ao golpe militar de 1964.


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