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Lily Majteles

Lily Majteles is a contributor to the Brooklyn Rail.

Laura Esther Wolfson's For Single Mothers Working as Train Conductors

aura Esther Wolfson’s literary debut For Single Mothers Working As Train Conductors is a thrilling and honest collection of personal essays spanning many years, countries, jobs, and relationships.

Patrick Rössler's Bauhausmädels and Elizabeth Otto's Haunted Bauhaus

Bauhausmädels is a yearbook-style photobook highlighting its oft-overlooked female population, while Haunted Bauhaus uses a more historical approach to look at the women of the school and its little-known cultures of mysticism, sexual exploration, and queer identities. Together the titles reveal the Bauhaus to be an experiment deeper, wider, and richer than many historians have suggested.

Clifton Meador’s Control Mechanism

The spare, geometric compositions of factory dressings are strangely moving. The book shows both the thrilling advances of the factory floor and the new, liberatory freedom of the gig economy era to be an illusion.

R. Crumb's Dream Diary

At the midpoint of R. Crumb’s Dream Diary, a new book by legendary cartoonist Robert Crumb, the artist details a dream he once endured called “Dream of Huge Woman in Thigh-High Boots,” in which he lusts after an overweight and incredibly tall woman who wears nothing but thigh-high leather boots.

Hundertwasser For Future

An impressive sampling of painter, architect, ecological activist, and sometimes-philosopher. Friedensreich Hundertwasser’s manifestos, speeches, and writings, published in English for the very first time, alongside some of his paintings and designs from his long and varied career.


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