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Kyle Turner

Kyle Turner is a writer based in Brooklyn, New York. His writing has been featured in Paste Magazine, The Village Voice, GQ, Slate, NPR, and the New York Times. He is relieved to know that he is not a golem.

For Your Eyes OnlyFans: Playwright Gage Tarlton on Sex, Confessions, and the Digital Age

Brooklyn-based playwright Gage Tarlton is compelled by the ways in which OnlyFans seems to occupy the eye of the storm, both as theatrical space and tool, for younger people negotiating their lives and identities on the internet.

“I Could Understand a Person, If That Person Was a…”

How queer is Sondheim’s Company? The answer lies not in the interpretation of Bobby’s sexuality, but instead in Bobby’s unique outlook on marriage and coupledom. As Kyle Turner writes, the famed musical “queers a lineage of storytelling and socialization that presumes such statuses are end goals of satisfaction.”


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