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Ketter Weissman

Ketter Weissman is a writer, curator, and co-founder of Big Window. Based in New York, she currently works at The Studio Museum in Harlem as Assistant Director, Capital Campaign.

Hadi Fallahpisheh and Phoebe d’Heurle: What a Fuck and What the Fuck

Memory, both collective and individual, is explored in What a Fuck and What the Fuck, a two-person exhibition of Phoebe d’Heurle (b. 1987, Atlanta, GA) and Hadi Fallahpisheh (b. 1987, Tehran, Iran) at Soloway. The title was borne in a domestic scene wherein d’Heurle and Fallahpisheh discussed the absence of soap bars in their shared home. The work in the exhibition exposes and explores suppressed personal events within an associative framework.

do it (around the world)

Do it, an exhibition conceived in 1993 by curator Hans Ulrich Obrist with artists Christian Boltanski and Bertrand Lavier is a constellation of instructional art that can be explored at home cross-continentally.


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