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Kally Patz

Kally Patz is a writer living in Brooklyn.

Panah Panahi’s Hit the Road

It’s a specific road they’re traveling, strange and precarious. But with the playful mood in the car—the family’s gags and eccentric bits—it often feels like a road anyone could ride. In Hit The Road (2021), Panah Panahi has created a road trip movie about immigration, a tragedy that bounces along with the jubilance of a Hollywood blockbuster.

In The Hearth’s Happy Life, Kathy Ng Morphs Octopus Porn into Visions of Destruction—and Renewal

Kally Patz profiles Kathy Ng, discussing how the playwright’s upbringing in Hong Kong and malleable interpretation of the body fueled her chaotic-good play, Happy Lifeby Kally Patz


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APRIL 2023

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