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Jonathan Spector

Jonathan Spector is a playwright based in Oakland, California. His play Eureka Day was produced last summer by Colt Coeur (NYT Critics' Pick).

In Dialogue

Unraveling Realities with Christopher Chen

I’d say the main journey in all of my plays is a digging process, where a reality is presented, and we see below that, and then we see below that. With The Headlands, it’s the genre of a mystery, so there is inherently going to be a process where you dig to solve the mystery. But, yeah, I always like to challenge myself to find ways of making that digging and uncovering process as visceral as possible. That’s why I write plays, in a bigger spiritual sense, in order to uncover more about the world and challenge myself to see the world in a different way. So it’s the process itself that I want to capture, because it’s kind of a sacred process, this uncovering and digging process. 


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