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Joey Sims

Joey Sims has written at TheaterMania, Exeunt NYC, and Extended Play. He is an alumnus of the National Critics Institute and runs a theater substack called Transitions.

How the Flea Become the Fled

The racial uprisings of this past summer rippled throughout the theater world, where Off-Off-Broadway’s the Flea Theater was slammed for its history of racial and economic injustices that long left its artists unsupported and, now, unmoored: in a recent letter, the Flea has decided to dissolve its artistic programs, leaving those who fought for change without titles, but not without community.

“We’re Always Skirting That Breaking Point”

Online performance series Theater in Quarantine created a two-hander about bed bugs, which broke new ground for the company but nearly broke them in the process.

As the World Slowly Reopens, Theaters Remain Closed, Leaving Furloughed Employees Uncertain About Their Futures

Weeks of order cancellations. Mounting dread. The March 12 shutdown of all Broadway theaters. Then the following Monday, Mollie Thoennes was told to collect her things and stay home. There was no return date.


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