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Joey Cannizzaro

JOEY CANNIZZARO is an undisciplinary artist, professor, curator, and writer. Cannizzaro, along with Dan Bustillo, started The Best Friends Learning Gang, an experiment in disorderly, amateur education. His work has been seen at The Hammer Museum, 356 Mission, UMOCA, Machine Project, Centre Pompidou, Flux Factory, Lancaster Museum of Art, iMOCA, some times, and a lot of other places; you can read his words online at Temporary Art Review, OnCurating, Black Clock Blog, and elsewhere. He holds an MFA from California Institute of the Arts, a BA from The New School University, and teaches at Los Angeles City College.

Disorderly Conduct: On THEM, Police Brutality, and Following Orders

It was a cold night in February and my ex-boyfriend, a friend, and I were on our way to go dancing at the venue House of Yes when two men dressed in black got out of a black Lincoln Town Car, shined a bright light in our eyes, slammed us against a wall, and starting searching us against our will.


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NOV 2023

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