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Joel Danilewitz

Joel Danilewitz is an art writer and production assistant at the Brooklyn Rail. He lives in New York.

Wardell Milan: Bluets & 2 Years of Magical Thinking

Walking through Wardell Milan’s new show at Sikkema Jenkins, I felt among his fleeting figures. In his exhibit, Bluets & 2 Years of Magical Thinking, the collages, sculptures, and paintings produce an intimate atmosphere. The audience forms a loose communion as they wander the three large rooms of the gallery, apprehending his vast paintings upon entrance.

Samuel Ross: COARSE

Whether through his art or his fashion label, A-COLD-WALL*, Samuel Ross’s approach to design and craft reflects a self-conscious attitude towards post-industrial social relations. In COARSE, his second solo show at Friedman Benda, the UK-artist and cultish fashion designer presented a selection of brutalist sculptures meant to inspire tension within pre-ordained notions of globalist manufacturing.

Ryan Patrick Krueger: Documents from the Closet

At Tiger Strikes Asteroid’s Bushwick location, Krueger strings a loose narrative of tragedy around the room with their collages and sculptures.


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