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Jesús Torrivilla

Jesús Torrivilla is a writer specializing in contemporary Latin American art and critical studies. He is Academic Chief Officer in Profoundation, a multidisciplinary platform for artistic projects based in Mexico City. Torrivilla has over ten years of media experience as an editor and essayist and is the co-author of El bravo tuky, a book on the electronic music scene in the barrios of Caracas. He is a professor in the Master's Program in Curatorial Studies at the National Autonomous University of Mexico, where he is studying for a doctorate in Art History.

Airport Burger

Jésus wrote a personal account based in Antonin Artaud’s hallucinatory pilgrimage to the Mexican desert and Yeni chose a possible imaginary of Zheng He, the 15th century eunuch navy commander, discovering Teotihuacán. The two texts were written individually, cut up, and reassembled into the exquisite corpse “airport burger.”


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SEPT 2023

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