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Jennifer Rose Bonilla-Edgington

Jennifer Rose Bonilla-Edgington is an artist and writer living in the greater NYC area with her husband Colin Edgington and her dog Jasper Johns Stone.

Heidi Bucher: The site of Memory

The nine works in Heidi Bucher’s The Site of Memory create an ephemeral movement like dried leaves picked up by a gust of wind. Every piece has a skin-like texture, some of which call to mind animal hides that have been distressed, beaten, dried out, hung, and weighted down.

Personal Private Public

Although we’re taught it’s impolite, there is nonetheless something irresistible about eavesdropping, staring, or peering into people’s everyday moments. So we mindlessly invite ourselves into the lives of others, the subjective spectacles and private experiences that are revealed in unrestricted moments.


The Brooklyn Rail

DEC 19-JAN 20

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