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Jean Dykstra

Jean Dykstra is a photography critic and the editor of photograph magazine.

In Conversation

Robert Polidori with Jean Dykstra

Jean Dykstra speaks with Robert Polidori about his photographs of human habitats, from the sprawling, “auto-constructed” cities of Rio de Janeiro and Mumbai to interiors in places like Versailles.

John Edmonds: A Sidelong Glance

Photographer John Edmonds was a standout in the 2019 Whitney Biennial, where his understated portraits and still lifes quietly deconstructed ideas about race, gender, and masculinity. His reserved and lovely show at the Brooklyn Museum—his first solo museum exhibition—includes a few of the photographs on view at the Whitney and in his well-received book Higher (2018), as well as new portraits and still lifes.

Debi Cornwall’s Necessary Fictions

The subject of this nuanced photobook is Atropia, a series of fake Iraqi and Afghan villages on military bases around the US where immersive war games are conducted. It’s designed to offer multiple perspectives, both visual and textual, and to offer more questions than answers. What is the psychic toll of these games? And what does their existence say about the US?


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