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Jane Cavalier

JANE CAVALIER is a contributor to the Brooklyn Rail.

MERIEM BENNANI: Siham and Hafida

With a distinctive combination of documentary storytelling, slapstick humor, and cartoonish animations, Meriem Bennani transforms the main gallery of the Kitchen into a theater of the absurd with her spectacular new video installation, Siham and Hafida (2017).

Rachel Harrison Prasine

Deciphering Rachel Harrison’s sculptures is like playing charades, except that in Harrison’s version of the game, there’s never one answer. Her sculptures pantomime the failure of discourse to fully wrap words around art.


The exhibition title is a play on two simultaneous traditions: the modernist charge to flatten illusionistic space and the “flat top” hair cut popularized during the Def Jam era of hip hop.


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OCT 2021

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