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Jaime Grijalba

JAIME GRIJALBA is a freelance film critic (MUBI, Kinoscope), filmmaker, and programmer of the Valdivia International Film Festival based in Santiago, Chile. He's been part of the Locarno Critics Academy. He's currently fan-translating the Raul Ruiz diaries.

High and Low: The Light and Shadows of Kazuo Miyagawa

Japan Society and the Museum of Modern Art have joined forces to present the bold claim that Kazuo Miyagawa was Japanese cinema’s greatest cinematographer.

The Eyes of Another: “Tokyo Stories” at the Japan Society

Inked in 1951, the Treaty of San Francisco specified the compensations and conditions Japan had to comply with following its defeat in World War II, essentially marking the nation’s first steps toward regaining sovereignty, but it also affected the cultural landscape of the country.

The Collaborators: Yuzo Kawashima x Ayako Wakao at Japan Society

Japan Society’s recent film series “Yuzo Kawashima x Ayako Wakao” presents a compelling counterpoint to Ozu’s vision of Japanese society by way of three films directed by Yuzo Kawashima, all of which were released around the same time as An Autumn Afternoon (1962).


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