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Israel Lund

Israel Lund is an artist based in Brooklyn.

A Delian Mode: Dear Delia

The British science fiction TV show Doctor Who, which has aired intermittently on the BBC since 1963, is such a staple within British culture that one might consider it an institution

Nicolás Guagnini: Asociación Psicoanalítica Argentina

Nicolás Guagnini’s exhibition Asociación Psicoanalítica Argentina at Bortolami was a twisted riddle, a psychoanalytical conundrum. Supplemented by a performance titled Analysis, the show was dense with signs and possible signifiers that warped interpretative norms.

From Pot to Plate: Eli Ping at And Now

Ping’s exhibition of artworks that don’t make explicit their intent is an opportunity, for any who are willing, to become unmoored from conventional viewing expectations and knowledge production. It is an offer to engage with objects that risk uncertainty.


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OCT 2023

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