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INGO STUTZLE has organized reading groups on Karl Marx's Capital for the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation. He is managing editor of the journal PROKLA:Zeitschrift für kritische Sozialwissenschaft and a contributor to the edition of Marx's and Engels's works published by the Karl Dietz Verlag. His most recent publication is a critical introduction to Thomas Piketty (London/New York: Verso 2017). The German original of his article can be found at

Soft Shell, Hard Core: On the 150th Anniversary of the Publication of Karl Marx's Capital, Vol. 1

Isaac Deutscher once told the following story about reading Capital I was relieved to hear that Ignacy Daszynski,1 our famous member of parliament, a pioneer of socialism, … admitted that he too found hard a nut. “I have not read it,” he almost boasted, “but Karl Kautsky has read it.


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