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Ian MacAllen

Ian MacAllen is the author of Red Sauce: How Italian Food Became American (April 2022). He is a writer, editor, and graphic designer living in Brooklyn. He tweets from @ianmacallen. 

In Conversation

Rachel Rear with Ian MacAllen

Stephanie Kupchynsky’s 1991 disappearance from her home in Greece, New York haunted the people of her home town of East Brunswick, New Jersey, a bedroom community about an hour south of Brooklyn. Kupchynsky’s father, Jerry, taught music at the local school. He was beloved by his students, like Rachel Rear, who played the clarinet. Rachel’s mother eventually married Jerry, and she became his stepdaughter and Stephanie’s stepsister. During that time, Stephanie’s disappearance remained unsolved.


The Brooklyn Rail

JUNE 2023

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