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Hindley Wang

Hindley Wang is a New York-based freelance writer and translator from Shanghai. She is interested in the aesthetics, politics, and poetics of transcultural practices and postcolonial futures. She received her MA in Art History from the University of Chicago and BA from Vassar College.

Leah Ke Yi Zheng

What is Leah Ke Yi Zheng’s work about? It feels like the wrong question to ask, yet it feels more unjust to leave it in an ambiguous aesthetic limbo that is susceptible to taste.

Leon Xu: Empty Orchestra

It is a peculiar task to describe Leon Xu’s work. Perhaps it is easier to start with what it is not doing. These are not paintings of crowds or figures, but of experiences that feel too blurry to be near, too close to be real—too real to be vicarious. They don’t appear as much as they linger, declare as much as they hum. These are pictures of nothing, in particular.

Oneness: Nature & Connectivity in Chinese Art

Curated by Hiromi Kinoshita and Gabrielle Niu, Oneness: Nature & Connectivity in Chinese Art features the work of four contemporary Chinese artists installed in conjunction with a selection of historical treasures from the museum’s collection.

Hindley Wang on Candice Lin

The height was my height, I thought. I carefully considered the wooden structure that carved out the center opening. Small pieces of ink drawings were tucked in one corner or another, hunching and gleaming. Monsters grimace like cautionary road signs.


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